History, Heritage & Establishment

Established in 1979, Fortress Gates has been a thriving business for nearly 50 years. Being steady and reliable, Fortress Gates is a preferred supplier for professionals who want standard fence and gate building solutions.

Patented System

The Fortress Gates frames are unique and made to be easy to use, and fun to fabricate without compromising on integrity, quality or design. Why is a patent important? Having a patented design means you know you’ve got quality, which can’t be copied poorly by other companies. This means you know that every piece from our modular system was manufactured with your safety and your products’ longevity in mind.

What We Do

We supply the pieces for building easy and reliable fences and gates for hardware businesses and enthusiastic DIYers. Our goal is to make fabrication easy, safe and accessible for anyone needing a new or updated fence or gate system.

Family Owned

Fortress Gates is a strong business built on family values and long term vision. Now run by the second generation, Fortress Gates has quality and longevity in mind, knowing that the best quality always comes from attention to detail, care, and giving everyone a good time.

Australian Made

Australian made means Australian standards, and not only does that mean delivering high quality, safe and reliable products, it means supporting the Australian economy, local businesses and Australian workers.

100% Australian Steel

Not just supporting local businesses, using Australian sourced materials means independence from the international market. This means the supply of our products is not limited by international shipping fluctuations and can meet a sustainable supply to demand.

Our Vision

Encompassing Australian values into our product is one of our key goals, providing options for fencing and gating that are stress-free, versatile, and easy to modify for personal design and expression. Fortress cares about giving you an easy solution for the quality you deserve.

At Fortress Gates, we love creating quality products that are fun to work with and look great.
We are proud to see our products used all over Australia.

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